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Sunday, 20 November 2016


Yah! Tomorrow were going to camp in Taranaki called Eltham but first were going swimming at Hawera pool and were gonna go have morning tea at the park next door to the pools. After that were going to head down to the camp. On camp I'm looking forward to tubing because we hop on an inflated tire down the river and going for a walk down by the beach. I'm not looking forward to trying to get to sleep because I'm most likely gonna talk myself to sleep.  

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Bug hunt

Hi I’m Boston and I’m in He Puna Kawenga, He kawenga went out for a bug hunt and Boston   Found a Dolomedes spider and I was determined to find out everything I could find out!!!!

What is my bug/spider? My spider/bug is a Dolomedes spider!
How do I know? I’ve seen 1 before. They have eight eyes eight legs like most spiders. I know what they look like and 5 websites said that they live in trees and on/near water and I found the Dolomedes spider in a tree. My friend from church has a Dolomedes spider as a pet!

What does my spider eat? Insects and small/tiny fish!!!
How Do I know?Dolomedes spider live in trees and so do insects so it’ll be easy to catch an insect if they live in the same habitat. If the Dolomedes spider live on/in/near water it’ll take some time to get to the closest tree so they eat tiny/small fish. Like other spiders they eat insects because insect are easy prey because they’re smaller than then.

Where does my spider live ? My spider lives in trees but they mainly live on/near water. I know because 5 websites said that Dolomedes spiders live in trees but they mainly live on/near/in water.I found 1 in a tree. If they live on/near/in water than they can catch the fish!
If you ever run into a Dolomedes spider if you’re brave enough try and catch it and do more research more than I’ve told you ,If you find out more you should write a report or just find another bug and write a report!

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Reflection T3 wk2

What: This week we did line dancing! I had a play to put on for the class called Number Hospital. In my play I was a character call Digit Doctor 1. Mrs O'connor came into our class for the afternoon and we learnt about the book Flanimals. In reading I did a character description about our characters.

So what:This week I learnt about line dancing. When you line dance you have to be in time with every other  person. Also you need to be in lines to line dance. In the play, Number Hospital,  people could remember their lines but when we were performing we forgot our lines because we were scared. 

Now What:My goal is to finish all my work!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Reflection T3 wk1

What: YAH we're all back at school! This week we have been working hard and determined to get all of our work done. On Tuesday we had our reports given to us Yah! On Wednesday I had a hockey game against Gonvile Greens and Jaxon was in that team NO!!!

So What: I learnt that I should return my hockey form as soon as possible to make sure I'm on the team. In class I learnt how to describe and realize what the rule is for math.e.g 6,9,12 the rule is to +3.

Now What: I really want to finish all my work and play with other people!  

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


One day Lord Farquaad had enough of being short so he went to the Fairy Godmothers shack. He was going to get a potion to make him tall but the Fairy Godmother said ¨NO.¨ So he threatened to blow up the Fairy Godmothers shack, then the Fairy gasped quietly and then gave him the potion with no questions asked.

Lord Farquaad returns to his castle with a smirk on his face. He then without reading the potions name drunk the entire bottle…..1 hour later……. Lord Farquaad went outside and then he started to grow and grow and grow until he was a big as a GIANT!

Fiona was looking for Lord Farquaad  because she needed a bigger swamp. Fiona looked in every room for Lord Farquaad but he was nowhere to be found so Fiona went outside to look for Lord Farquaad. Then Fiona saw what happened to Lord Farquaad. He had grown in size! Fiona was very surprised she asked him ‘’why are you so giant?¨  Then Lord Farquaad smiled and picked her up and ran away.

Lord Farquaad went past the swamp where Shrek and Puss in boots were playing chess then the ground started to shake and shake they looked out the window and gasped they saw Fiona on Lord Farquaad shoulder. They quietly followed Lord Farquaad to a beanstalk then he jumped up and before you knew it he was up there and chucked the other Giant down the beanstalk and with a THUD there was a Giant earthquake.

Along comes Donkey and Dragon and they had seen what had happened to Fiona and wanted to help save Fiona. So Shrek and Donkey hopped onto Dragon's back they flew all they way up to the top of the beanstalk. While Puss in boots starts to use his claws as an axe to cut down the beanstalk, and while everyone is doing this Lord Farquaad takes a looooooong nap . They quietly sneak Fiona out of the cage and they live happily ever after. P.S lord Farquaad ended up falling in a piece of cow poo and died by breathing the cow poo in!!!!! Yah.

Thursday, 23 June 2016


What: On Monday He Puna Kawenga ran assembly. On Tuesday the Carlton Tigers had a hockey torment against 6 different schools and we won 3 of our games, but 1 was by default because Churton wasn't there on time. On Thursday we had the Panga celebration. ¨Yah¨

So What: I learnt that when you're running assembly and you're seniors you should only need to practice 3 times. In hockey you just need to do your best.

Now What: My goal is to get my work done by Wednesday.